Care nurse serving dinner to a senior woman at home

Eat healthy, delicious meals every day with less preparation hassle.

Never skip your meals; it is as important as drinking your medications and attending your medical checkups. Your meals keep you energized to do a lot of activities throughout the day. Aside from that, it helps promote your health, thus, averting you from any illnesses. But if you have difficulties in preparing your meals on your own, we Trinity Group Support Services are here to help. Our caregivers are highly trained and skilled in preparing meals that meet your nutritional and dietary needs. They make sure that everything that you eat contains vitamins and minerals necessary for your health. They ensure to make your meals delicious, too!

If you need help determining which service best fits your condition and needs, you are always free to request a schedule for an appointment with us so we can conduct a thorough in-home assessment. Simply click here to get started.

You may drop us a message through our ONLINE CONTACT FORM, or you may also call us at 313-505-4151. Never hesitate to reach out to us should you have inquiries. We at Trinity Support Group Services will gladly address your concerns.